Do It Yourself (DIY) Training Program

$500 per session

Empower yourself with our DIY Training Program, designed to bring professional dog training expertise right to your doorstep. Tailored for those who prefer a hands-on approach, this program ensures you're not alone in your training journey. With our guidance, you'll gain the confidence and skills to address your dog's challenges head-on

  • Personalized One-on-One Session (1-2 hours): Our expert trainers will visit your home, working alongside you to address your dog's specific needs. This immersive session ensures you understand the techniques and can apply them effectively.

  • Video Documentation: We believe in the power of reference. That's why we film our training sessions, providing you with a visual guide to revisit and reinforce the techniques learned.

  • Two Follow-Up Virtual Calls: Whether it's Zoom or FaceTime, we're here for you. These calls are designed to address any questions, troubleshoot issues, and ensure you're on the right track.

  • 30 Days of Text Support: Training doesn't end when we leave your home. With a month of text support, you can reach out with any queries or concerns, ensuring continuous guidance.

    NOTE: We're dedicated to providing personalized attention to each client. As such, we're accepting only 5 clients a month. Secure your spot and transform your dog training experience!


1. What makes the DIY Program different from other training programs?

The DIY Program is designed for hands-on dog owners who want to be actively involved in the training process but with the guidance of experts.

2. How long is each session?

Each session lasts between 1 to 2 hours, depending on your dog's needs and comfort level.

3. Do I need any prior training experience?

Not at all! The program is suitable for both beginners and those with some training experience.

4. What if I have questions after the session?

You'll have access to two Zoom or FaceTime calls and 30 days of text support post-session to address any queries or challenges.

5. How do I book a session?

Simply tap to text or schedule a consultation with us to book your DIY training session.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Autem dolore, alias, numquam enim ab voluptate id quam harum ducimus cupiditate similique quisquam et deserunt, recusandae.

Ready to Dive into Hands-on Training?

Tap to text and schedule your session. Let the DIY Program empower you to be the best dog trainer for your furry friend.

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